Equitas Academy #2

Equitas Academy #2 Los Angeles CA, CALIFORNIA USA Los Angeles Unified School contacts, phone, fax and Public School can easily reach detailed address information.

Equitas Academy #2, which is in the category of Public Schools in Los Angeles, is a United States school in CALIFORNIA. Los Angeles city school map, detailed school phone and school address information can be found on our school website. Equitas Academy #2 and other educational institutions, public and private schools about complaints and comments about the school can write your ideas about the school website.

Equitas Academy #2 Contact Information

US school address: 2723 W. 8th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90005, CALIFORNIA

School Telephone number: (213)201-5940

School Web Page:

Where is the school: 2723 W. 8th St., Los Angeles, CA 90005

Equitas Academy #2 Classification Information

City: Schools in Los Angeles

State: CA

Region: Schools in CALIFORNIA

School Status: Open

School Type: Regular School

School Grades Offered – Lowest: 5th grade

School Grades Offered – Highest : 8th grade

LEA or school level: Middle

Equitas Academy #2 Info

School Name: Equitas Academy #2

Education Agency Name: Los Angeles Unified

State Local Education Number: CA-1964733

NCES Agency Identification Number: 622710

State school identifier: 62271013145

Unique school ID : 613145

Equitas Academy #2, Schools in CALIFORNIA, Schools in Los Angeles It should be noted that the information of the public school may change.

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