Stanford Elementary School

Stanford Elementary School Stanford KY, KENTUCKY USA Lincoln County School contacts, phone, fax and Public School can easily reach detailed address information.

Stanford Elementary School, which is in the category of Public Schools in Stanford, is a United States school in KENTUCKY. Stanford city school map, detailed school phone and school address information can be found on our school website. Stanford Elementary School and other educational institutions, public and private schools about complaints and comments about the school can write your ideas about the school website.

Stanford Elementary School Contact Information

US school address: 101 Old Fort Rd
Stanford, KY 40484, KENTUCKY

School Telephone number: (606)365-2191

School Web Page: 

Where is the school: 101 Old Fort Rd, Stanford, KY 40484

Stanford Elementary School Classification Information

City: Schools in Stanford

State: KY

Region: Schools in KENTUCKY

School Status: Open

School Type: Regular School

School Grades Offered – Lowest: Kindergarten

School Grades Offered – Highest : 5th grade

LEA or school level: Elementary

Stanford Elementary School Info

School Name: Stanford Elementary School

Education Agency Name: Lincoln County

State Local Education Number: KY-069341000

NCES Agency Identification Number: 2103480

State school identifier: 2,10E+11

Unique school ID : 2100920

Stanford Elementary School, Schools in KENTUCKY, Schools in Stanford It should be noted that the information of the public school may change.

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